Welcome to my first course on taming the mightiest fish in the ocean! Congratulations on your purchase; the following information if I translated it to $ probably cost me in excess of $20,000-. Well done, It's only cost you a fraction of that!

In the following course you'll find 5 sections; 1.) Introduction 2.) a PowerPoint presentation complete with pics and all the steps and equipment to rig up for chasing swordys. 3.) A video showing you all these steps in practice (part 1), 4.) Part 2 of the video and 5.) Conclusion.

The course leans towards Daytime Swording and IGFA compliant fishing. However if you just want to nail a sword and don't give a stuff about records then this is still for you! Don't worry if you don't understand anything in the PowerPoint as it will make sense in the video. And then if you're still lost PM me via my Facebook page.

Trust me, it's worth the investment of time and $ - we've landed fish from 107 to 265kg in some of the most exhilarating big game fishing you'll ever experience!